Art F City / Thursday Links: Still As Relevant As Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl, “Woman Surrounded by Dogs”, 1979-80.

  • A chicken has been slaughtered in the name of art. Heads have rolled. ARTINFO’s Sky Goodden breaks down the event, the aftermath and the precedents. [ARTINFO]
  • Smoking pot will give you a skinny waist. There’s probably some other factors contributing to the overall weight of pot smokers, but they’re definitely not as interesting. Now, like a make-you-feel-better pill or healthy vitamin, you can take your pot in liquid form. Sluurrrp. [The Daily Beast]
  • 65 year old artist Eric Fischl tells The New York Times he’s been trying to “grow up”. He’s promoting his new memoir Bad Boy: My Life On and Off the Canvas so he’s been talking to a lot of publications lately. [NYTimes]
  • Isabella Rossellini as a hamster eating her young in a new web series “Mamas,” and she is amazing at it. [Paper Mag]
  • This morning Reuters journalist Felix Salmon showed up on Democracy Now for a roundtable discussion with Cooper Union board member Mark Epstein and current student Victoria Sobel. [Democracy Now, Twitter via @felixsalmon, student @VictoriaSobel]
  • Hrag Vartanian produced a great GIF of Christie’s auctioneer Jussi Pylkkanen last night. Also, rich people bought more contemporary art than ever before! Total sale from last night’s auction: $495 million. [Hyperallergic]


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