An Unofficial Google Keep Extension for Chrome

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Google Keep is still in its infancy. There are features to added, and extensions to be made. I am switching between Google Tasks and Google Keep now because I always have tasks open inside Gmail and it is available whenever I need to note down something. This extension might fix that for now.

Google Keep Extension for Chrome by Paul Eiche is a neatly done extension, without hurting the simplicity of Google Keep. I would love to see more features added to this extension, but for now, it works pretty neat.

By default the extension opens the Google Keep app as a panel. If you are on windows or mac, you should enable panels from chrome://flags and restart Chrome. However, from extension settings you can change this to tab or popup instead of panel.

From the settings page  you can change the height and width of the app window, to suit to your taste.

The extension gives an option to open the app from the context menu (right click) but you can not select text and make a note yet because there is no Google Keep available yet.

chrome news  An Unofficial Google Keep Extension for Chrome

That means the extension will remain as a way to open your Google Keep page with a mouse click for now, with some control over the size of the window. On Chrome OS, the ability to open Keep as a panel is a really big advantage.

Think this is something you can use? Get it from here.

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